Superfood Chocolate Snack Box (Vegan and Gluten-Free) Price: £14.95 (as of 17/04/2021 00:57 PST- Details)

6 wholesome chocolate and snack bars
Delicious vegan selection
Perfect pick-me-up box (letterbox friendly)



An assortment of superfood packed chocolates for the chocolate lover. Enjoy this delicious chocolate pack yourself or surprise your beloved with this little treat. QUALITY SELECTION.
Chocolates include:
1 x The Raw Chocolate Company Organic Vanoffe Raw Chocolate Bar (44g)
1 x Ombar Acai & Blueberry Organic Raw Chocolate Bar (35g)
1 x Doisy & Dam Organic Goji, & Orange Organic Dark Chocolate Mini Bar (25g)
1 x IQ Superfood Chocolate Organic Lovely Lime Choc (35g)
1 x Creative Nature Heavenly Cacao bar (38g)
1 x Pulsin Maca Bliss Raw Choc Brownie (50g)

***All snacks included are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free*** We do our perfect to carry all items in stock, but on RARE occasions the flavour of certain items would possibly differ, as certain contents can also be restricted because of market availability. Box measures 22 x 2 x 16 cm and with contents weighs approx 250g.

6 wholesome chocolate and snack bars
Delicious vegan selection
Highest pick-me-up box (letterbox friendly)
Makes a really perfect little present to send to family members
Personalised message option to be had

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