Organic Krush is a Healthy Chain serving Endless Dairy-Free Possibilities

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We haven’t been updating our restaurant section much lately, since many unfortunately aren’t open! But Organic Krush reached out to share their recipe for Mamma’s Breakfast Cookies , and to let us know they are open for ordering at all current locations.They’ve even got some special to go items to make your life easier.
Organic Krush was founded in 2014 in the Long Island area, and is rapidly expanding.You can already find these fast casual restaurants in New York, Virginia, and soon, Connecticut.But honestly, I wish they could grow even more quickly.After I had a look at their menu, I wanted them in my town right now! Organic Krush is a Healthy Chain serving Endless Dairy-Free Possibilities
This isn’t an exclusively dairy-free restaurant, but they cater directly to dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan customers with labels right on their menu.And almost everything on the menu is either dairy-free or can be customized without dairy.
The focus at Organic Krush is healthy, sustainably sourced cuisine.Their menu has several parts including breakfast (served all day), custom bone broth soups, and build your own wrap, salad, bowl, or tacos.

And their selection is huge with great diversity in flavor, from Tex Mex to Korean and Thai.Additional options include gourmet salads to go, acai bowls with various add-in and topping options, snacks, and a kids menu.
Plants are abundant at Organic Krush, and they offer a vegan menu.It includes breakfast, smoothies, lunch, dinner, and even has items like vegan “bone broth” soup! They also have a vegan meal plan of premade meals, and juice cleanses.
But this isn’t a strictly vegan restaurant.They serve certified organic chicken, eggs, and grass-fed beef, and source wild or organic seafood.
With many of our restaurant posts, we list out the dairy-free options, but I can’t even begin to cover this restaurant.

For all of their dishes, they offer so many bases, toppings, add-ins, and sauces that you could literally order a thousand different dairy-free dishes (we’re guessing)! Where to Find Organic Krush
As mentioned, they have a strong base of locations on Long Island, but are expanding to other regions.Their latest locations include Virginia and Connecticut.

They also offer localized delivery via Door Dash.See their website below for addresses, hours, menus, and online ordering..