Diners enjoyed their meals in small greenhouses at an Amsterdam restaurant on Tuesday, as the establishment trailed new ways to allow customers to eat out while observing social distancing.
Waiters clad in personal protective equipment (PPE) brought food out on long boards to avoid close contact with customers at the vegan restaurant Mediamatic.
Willem Velthoven, founder of Mediamatic, said the restaurant already had the greenhouses before the pandemic.
“We had the greenhouses already because we do art projects in them and so we just tried and discovered that this was one of the more successful ways of doing it,” said Velthoven.
“This is the second try tonight where we did more attention for how do we serve, how do we serve in a safe way, what is the protective clothing for the colleagues, how can we bring the food to the table without getting too close to the guests,” he explained.
Some customers gave good feedback on the initiative.
“It’s super cozy, I think it would be also very romantic if couples are coming here.We have a really nice view, it’s also nice because it’s not windy, so yeah we are enjoying it,” said Gintare Abariunaite.
The restaurant put online reservations for sale from May 20 and they are already sold out, according to Velthoven, who said “In one day we sold 240 tables”.
Hospitality is one of the industries hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis within the Netherlands and many other countries.Restaurants and terraces were forced to close on March 16 amid coronavirus fears and can only continue operating as takeaways.
The closure is set to last at least until May 20, but according to local reports the Dutch government is planning to extend the prohibition until June 1.
According to the last report published by the Dutch Public Health Institute, the Netherlands has registered 41,087 coronavirus cases with 5,168 deaths..