Jini’s Curry Feeds the Hungry with Pay Forward Lunch Program

/ Jini’s Curry Feeds the Hungry with Pay Forward Lunch Program Jini’s Curry Feeds the Hungry with Pay Forward Lunch Program May 1, 2020 by Sarojini Harris and team at Jini’s Curry will give 30 meals today in their Pay Forward Program
Sarojini Harris, owner and chef behind Jini’s Curry is no stranger to feeding hungry folk, but she is taking it to the next level with her Pay Forward Program.Her small family restaurant has been doing take out at the Promenade Food Court since October of 2013.She is open during COVID-19, one of the food options in Wailuku town open from 11am to 2pm for pick up orders.Her menu features curry, dahl, samosas, salad and other lunch plate options.

I like to order family style from Jini, so I request curry and dahl in large amounts rather than plate size, and bring home for multiple meals.
Harris says her business has dropped by 80% during this shutdown, but because of her loyal returning customers she remains operational.Harris has been offering free entrees on every plate to first responders and also feeding hungry houseless looking for food.She has had a policy of not turning away hungry and helpless if they cannot pay for years, but realized it is more important than ever during this time.
She set up the Pay Forward lunch pick up program to expand on those concepts.Her first sponsorships came from her customers and sisters Bhagyadeep Singh and Hardeep Singh.

They gave their stimulus money to feed Maui residents who lost their jobs and are still waiting for unemployment benefits.You can sponsor a meal as you pick up lunch by adding a little extra to your bill if you are paying by credit card, or dropping some cash into a basket at the register.You can also email Harris at fijiindianfood@gmail.com.
To sign up to get one of her sponsored meals call or text 808-276-7215 to reserve either a chicken curry plate, or vegan curry plate.Her first 30 meals sold out and will be distributed today, May 1st.She is doing another run of meals on Wednesday May 6.Then another is planned for the following Wednesday.
Harris also has $25 and $100 gift vouchers to buy by phone if you want to call in and pay forward meals.
Jini’s Curry Fiji Indian Food LLCPromenade Foodcourt #4
2050 Main Street, Wailuku, HI 96793Phone: 808-243-3454.