I’ve never tried cauliflower wings, but I can’t imagine that they are intended as anything other than a vehicle for crispy breading and sauce, right? I mean I’ve had amazingly delicious cauliflower, but it’s nothing like meat and has a very different nutrient profile.Beyond burgers for me are a way I can “fit in” with my friends and family, especially when I first went vegan and people wouldn’t stop ragging on me about how I “could never eat normal food with them again” so I immediately proved them wrong by finding ways to eat junk food just like they seemed to prize above all else.Now my SO who thinks eating meat is a “right” or whatever actually goes out of his way to buy beyond and impossible burgers and encourages any other meat eater who will listen “because they are better for the environment and they are more consistent than beef, which is sometimes good, but sometimes a huge disappointment.” While he claims that he’s “never disappointed by vegan burgers”.As far as I’m concerned, it’s just a form of protein that’s conveniently flavored and much faster to make than meat, and way less change of food poisoning.In fact, we used to get sick all the time, till I went vegan, then I noticed it was the guys who would come home from eating meat and suffer from common signs of food poisoning like headaches, not being able to get out of bed for hours, and so on .One of the people I live with went vegan, and I don’t think he’s been sick at all since, my SO cut back on meat and now orders vegan burgers instead of meat any time he can, and almost never gets sick, unless the 3rd, who is on one of those carnivore diets drags him out for something like wings, then they both come home complaining about feeling shitty, but get annoyed with me if I suggest it’s food poisoning again.
A burger doesn’t taste like an animal though.You can’t smell or taste the fur or other animal smells, you’re tasting umami, salt, maybe some pepper, and oils.Mushrooms, soy sauce, and a whole bunch of other foods can have umami or improve flavor wise if you add umami, such as beans and tofu.

I often flavor my beans to taste “meaty” by adding soy sauce or mushroom seasoning, but meat itself used to bother me even when I was a meat eater.I specifically remember that back when I cooked meat, I didn’t understand the science behind flavoring, so I often wouldn’t marinate or flavor my meats right, meaning our beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and fish dishes often tasted weird at best, and inedible at worst.If I forgot to add an oxo cube (which is basically umami and salt) then my shepherds pie, chili con carne, or spaghetti would taste totally bland and not at all “meaty” despite being mostly made of meat.So if meat needs umami added to it to be palatable, then I don’t get why people get upset that vegan food also benefits from the exact same flavor treatment..