Individual consumption is what causes global warming.The “top 100 companies are responsible for yadda yadda” thing is stupid, because the top 100 companies are energy companies.Energy companies are very efficient, and very polluting.When you buy gas, heat your house, or enjoy seeing your city lit up at night, then congrats, your consumption isn’t counted individually, but rather it’s counted as “the 100 companies”.
So we know that certain industries are responsible for climate change.Manufacturies that build cars, furniture, and, useless plastic, energy companies, the meat industry, the travel industry, etc.
It will take collective government regulation to effectively control these things.

However, let’s take the extreme example of “the government bans these industries”.What happens is that you would be forced to live without a car, without plastic, without meat, and without flying.Now let’s take the example of individual action.

If I were to have taken responsibility, then I would choose to live without a car, without plastic, without meat, and without flying.
Either way I’ll lose all those things, so wouldn’t it be better to voluntarily cut it off ahead of the curb than wait until the government bans everything? Besides, if I move sustainably now, then I can support the very few vegan restaurants, walkable neighborhoods, and come up with tasty dishes.This way, by the time everyone else is forced to come on board, it’ll be easier..