One would have thought right, as the average common sensical person would, that I would have started blogging ages ago, right when the lockdown or self isolating started.Where was my brain? Probably in twitter land getting myself worked up about the virus.
I had actually gone to Adelaide visiting my bff Miz P and going to the Fringe Festival there.A first for me, flying since 2017 and the fringe.
One of the tents at the Fringe that had some great shows
It was during the last week that the seriousness of everything hit, I flew back after that to the Sunny Coast as I was concerned that they would shut borders down , (in fact they did 2 weeks after I returned..phew) Just wanted to be with my kids.A few days later, I asked myself why….no really…

ok ok WHY?
and I find selfies of my kids on my phone???
So there have been more “Zoom” parties and more online gaming
me: “oi…keep it down” ( live music blaring from one room)
kids” “what ma…I’m in the middle of a game”.(the other one doesn’t respond)
me”.I know, keep it down though, you’re so loud!”
kids :” huh?..wait I can’t hear you, hold on….

*shouting to online players* (live music still playing)
me : ” I know you can’t hear me, turn the volume down!!!!
Kids: “gimmie 5 mins and I’ll talk to you”
me: “..what EVER”….

*goes to watch Rupaul’s drag race*.(noise cancelling headphones..I love you)
I’ve gone through a load of seasons of some really banal crap on Netflix, I will never get that 1 hour and 50 mins back.I’ve read countless e books, I think I need to go test my eyes…does cross eyed count for reading glasses? I’ve tended to me little backyard garden (am still having a battle with the ants and the grasshoppers) Grew my first pumpkin, and now have ordered more seeds to see how far I can go!
Talking about pumpkins, check this out.
can you see the strain in the wrists!
Pretty proud of this.So I decided to start my videos again, as more people were leaving messages , this one is about making vegan curry with pumpkin.
Leaving you with the link, drop me a line , always respond.

Have a great week ahead.