Today was started fairly well, Keith got up with Joshi and I had a bit of a lie in, then Keith brought Joshi up for a nap, and napped himself, while I did a load of chores.
I then attempted to write today’s poem, but although the prompt was intriguing, I was struggling to pin down an idea and shape it into something worth writing.
Keith finished his nap, and Joshi still hadn’t settled to sleep, so he brought him back down and I entertained him while Keith made his lunch …
After lunch, he played again and I read him lots of books, then he got sleepy and grumpy, so Keith put some music on and cuddled him to sleep …
Dylan had woken up by this point, after an epic teenager-style lie in, and he was busy working on his schoolwork, doing Maths and reading, among other things.
Keith and I then had lunch together, and Dylan made himself some pasta, and then the plan was to try to dodge the rain showers and get some weeding done in the garden, but it was too wet.So frustrating.
I also got an email from Morrison’s, saying that the delivery I managed to get for this evening, to replace the things that were missing from our Asda order, plus things we needed for the garden, was pretty much all out of stock.Seriously frustrating.I hate having no independence in shopping at the moment.
I was already battling a low mood, and these frustrations didn’t help.

I tried to keep myself busy, playing some Sims (neither the diamond painting I’ve ordered, nor the painting by numbers a friend has ordered for me have arrived, so I’m short on hobbies right now), and then when Joshi woke up, Keith fed him his leftover homemade vegan curry while I washed up.
While washing up, I had a phone call that really hurt and upset me.I don’t want to go into specifics, but it wasn’t pleasant, and had a very negative impact on my mood.
I tried to work through my mood, finishing the washing up, giving Joshi some fruit, chatting to Keith’s mum on FaceTime, and getting Joshi ready for bed, but I was struggling.
Thankfully, it was the online pub quiz tonight, so once Joshi was in bed, I got set up with my laptop, headphones, pad and paper, and my friend and I collaborated on the questions and scored 27/40! Up from my previous score of 21/40! I’m very grateful for that friendship right now.It’s funny how God mobilises the right people in my life at the right time.I’m never alone.
Once the quiz ended, my low mood crept back in, but I managed to write a short poem …
After tea, Keith played on his Xbox, and Dylan did his usual exercise bike, shower and gaming routine.

I played more Sims.
Keith and I bickered tonight, because of my low mood, and the upsetting phone call; so he went up to bed early, and I stayed up to write my last few poems in my poetry book, and do the washing up.
My thoughts were whirling too much for sleep earlier, so I spent an hour and a half writing a letter to the person on the other end of the upsetting phone call.That has helped a lot, so hopefully now I’ll be able to sleep.
Here’s hoping for a brighter day, both figuratively and literally, tomorrow..