22lcidw said: iamwhatiseem said: Blues Man said: iamwhatiseem said: Blues Man said: Most of the crops grown in the world are fed to livestock so we could easily feed everyone without meat.
But why are you making up arguments and attributing them to me?
I never said anything about the entire population going vegan even though it is entirely possible Click to expand…Haha…okay so you are counting grass as edible vegetation for humans?? Hilarious.
There is a whole world outside of America.Here, yes, we unfortunately feed livestock foods they were never meant to eat just to fatten them up quickly.

That is franken-food.And that is not related to what I am saying.
In order to be vegan, you MUST eat vegetation and grains that are grown far-far-far away from your immediate environment.All of those veggies/fruits/grains consume mass energy to both produce and ship.

HUUGE swaths of land to grow.

Vegetation is NOT the answer for the future.
Insects?….that is a whole other possibility.Click to expand…No but grain is.
And a cow has to be fed 6kg of vegetable matter to make 1 kg of protein that is eaten as meat.
The grain we grow in this country to feed livestock could feed 800 million people.
It would take less land not more to feed people a vegan diet.

Click to expand…Geez…are you not aware that feed corn is not the same corn we eat?
And also…people can’t just live off of corn.You know how many hectacres it would be to grow enough corn to feed 7.5 billion people? 800 million???….that is nothing.

There is 7.5 billion worldwide.Click to expand…

There are people that believe corn is not a vegetable at all.Or has very little value.Click to expand…Corn turns into a starch 5 minutes after it is picked..